What could the Centrepoint development look like?

The artist's impressions of the development are provided on this page.

Who will live in the social housing you’re proposing to build?

Social housing is for people – mostly families – who are on Watford’s housing register because they desperately need help to put a roof over their heads. The proposed homes on the Centrepoint site would give 1 in 10 of these families a home.


Do we have planning permission?

No. Before Watford Community Housing puts in a planning application they will run a separate planning consultation. This engagement is focused on the possibility of including a community facility and local shop and what these might look like.


Why is the engagement and feedback so important?


The feedback that we get from the survey and drop-in session on the community facility and local shop is going to be absolutely vital in shaping the development. We will use the information you give us to make sure that the development meets the needs of the local community.


Who uses Centrepoint at the moment?


It offers free Wi-Fi and has a number of rooms available for hire: the main hall accommodates 50 people seated or 75 people standing with access to kitchen facilities, two rooms each accommodating 25 people seated or 35 people standing and a small meeting room with limited IT facilities – accommodating 8 people seated.


Where will all the community groups who use Centrepoint go?

The plans for Centrepoint include a proposal for a community facility and a local shop. We are talking to the current users of the community centre as well as residents about whether they feel these are needed and what these could look like and include. We are also looking at alternative spaces groups can use in the meantime, so they can carry on as normal.


What will happen to the shop?


The proposals for the development include a local shop and during the engagement we are looking to understand how important this is for residents and what they might want from a local shop.


What will happen to Centrepoint staff?


The council currently manages the community centre directly. Staff are being kept up to date and are involved in the process.


How many homes do you want to build on the Centrepoint site?


The proposal is for 17 homes to be built on the site, as well as a community facility and a community shop. Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor has committed to providing 16-18 new social housing units every year over the next three years. Watford Borough Council and Watford Community Housing are working together to make this happen.


What will happen with parking?

Parking is included as part of the proposals and as part of the engagement about the social housing development, Watford Community Housing is talking to residents about different options.

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© 2018 by Watford Borough Council